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This Sunday

21 April
Fourth Sunday of Easter

Morning Prayer
Starting the day Godwards.

A simple said service in the chancel of the church.
Quiet enough to hear the birds sing.


The Eucharist
Love bids us welcome.

Gathering from east and west and north and south to celebrate our Easter life in Christ with alleluias.

Live in church, and live on Zoom here.

With Godly Play storytelling for the children and our Youth Group.

And fika afterwards.

Holy Communion
Home-from-home at Storkyrkan

A quiet and contemplative service, in English, led by Nick our Chaplain, in partnership with the Church of Sweden Diocese of Stockholm.

Compline Night Prayer
Setting down the day

Handing over the day, finished and unfinished and saying Goodnight.
To take part, click here.