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Growing in God

Guided Contemplative Prayer

Has now stopped for the summer

"Say One For Me..."
Third Sunday, starting again in August

A small team will offer prayer, once a month,
for you or for someone you care about.

For those of us who are unwell or anxious
or feeling far from home;
who are facing tough choices, or finding life a struggle
or feeling at a loss...

All it takes is a name, sent in confidence,
to Pamela Henderson our Reader:

Then, on the third Sunday of the month at 21.00,
the team will meet on Zoom,
to hold those names in mind and heart, one by one.

You could take a few moments that evening,
to add your prayers to theirs.

Virtual Compline

Begins again on Sunday 1 August.

A simple service of Night Prayer to end the day well.

A chance to say Hello to others, to pray with them and to say Goodnight.

Click here to join the Service, near the start time.

God help us to live slowly:
To move simply:
To look softly:
To allow emptiness:
To let the heart create for us.

Daily Prayer

Join in the rhythm and flow of prayer through the day, using the Church of England daily offices.

With psalms and readings, these simple orders of services take you into the heart of the praying community.

Daily Prayer provided by the official Church of England web site, © The Archbishops' Council of the Church of England, 2002-2003. .

Or join us as we pray with our brothers and sisters at Stockholm Cathedral in Gamla Stan, the Old Town.

Morning Prayer in Englïsh and Swedish, 09.00-09.15 each weekday.