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Your Child’s Baptism

We celebrate the baptism of children with great joy at St Peter and St Sigfrid's, for by this sacrament of water and the Holy Spirit, a child of God is named and welcomed into the family of God´s Church.

Parents come to the service to give thanks for their child and to provide a spiritual home for him or her, a community in which to grow and explore faith and the spiritual adventure of being a created human being.

Baptism marks the start of this journey, a turning away from self-centredness to the life, light and wholeness found in Jesus Christ. 

David F. Wells put it like this: This is what baptism is: God places a song in your heart. Your godparents´role is to learn that song so well that they can sing it back to you when you forget how it goes. And this is the song: heaven is open to you; God´s spirit is with you; you are everything to God. This is the song that makes your heart sing. And what does the song mean? I´ll tell you. You are the song in God´s heart, and God will never forget that song. (The Christian Century, 2000)


When do baptisms take place?

Baptisms usually (but not always) take place at the main service on Sunday morning at 11.00am. It may be possible to celebrate the baptism on a Saturday if you prefer.


How many godparents should the child have?

The minimum of godparents the child may have is three, by custom normally two of the child´s sex and one of the opposit sex. The godparents must be baptised and, usually, confirmed. When a godparent is unable to attend a baptism, a proxy is welcome to stand in for him or her at the service. We hope that you will also invite members of your family and your friends to share in the celebration.


How much does a baptism cost?

There are no fees for a baptism service, but, being a self-supporting church we are extremely grateful if you are able to make a thanksgiving offering for the baptism.


How do we apply to have our child baptised?

In the first instance please contact the Chaplain by email or phone.  We can then arrange a time to meet and discuss the baptism in more detail.




Baptism of Adults

The celebration of the baptism of an adult normally takes place during a service of Confirmation and candidates undertake a course of preparation.

If you are considering being baptised please contact the Chaplain (08 663 8248) so we can discuss what would be involved.