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We believe it is very important that each human life at its end is laid to rest with both dignity and prayer.

At St Peter and St Sigfrid's, funerals are services of thanksgiving. With readings, hymns and prayers, we commend the departed to the love and safe-keeping of God and support those who are mourning.

Please contact the Chaplain (076 416 7704) to arrange a funeral - or to help you plan your own, with the hymns and music and readings you would like.

A Poem for Madeleine Ekelund

At Madeleine's funeral Iris Bearhope read a poem she had written for the occasion.

Madeleine had long been confined to her room in a local care home.
But she had been a founder of the Altar Guild, looking after the preparation of the altar table for worship,
until her failing eyesight and unsteadiness made this difficult for her.

Here is the poem.


Before the table of the Lord you stand;
no steps confuse your feet nor dark your sight;
for you have reached that great and glorious land
where day forever streams with summer light.
Time shrinks or stills a lovely voice no more;
there all unite in the unwavering song
led by our Rescuer who trod our shore,
and hushed death's discourse with life's voice so strong.
There never will the feast be cleared away;
your eyes, restored, the Lamb of God behold;
there is the never-ending Easter Day,
where always hangs the Resurrection gold.
Great was your patience, now the prize is won:
the light eternal that outshines the sun.

Iris Bearhope