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Lent 2021

The soul-searching season of Lent is here.
40 days (plus Sundays) to prepare for Easter,
fasting and searching out his truth.
'God is found in the soul not by adding anything
but by a process of subtraction.'
Meister Eckhart

Our guided Contemplative Prayer
will take us back to basics, to the breath,
every weekday morning throughout Lent,
live at 07.00 and available thereafter.
That's on our Facebook Page.
And our short service of Compline for Lent
has us offer the fragile ecology of our lives to God
every weekday and Sunday at 21.30
(come by half-an-hour earlier on Wednesdays
and we can preamble together).  
Click here to take part.
You may feel you've had enough of subtraction
in this time of pandemic.
But if you want to create some backyard wilderness
and search out your truth (or part of it)
here are ten forms of fasting, for your consideration:
  1. Don’t buy anything that you don’t need
  2. Recycle/give away 40 things for 40 days
  3. Don't eat after dinner
  4. Leave the phone out of the bedroom
  5. Give up meat
  6. Choose the stairs rather than the lift
  7. Relinquish a privilege
  8. Ditch one social media app
  9. Avoid all single-use plastics
  10. Identify and cut out a comfort food

And then there is our home-grown Lent study series:

Lift High the Cross?
We'll wonder together about the Cross
in the Gospels and St Paul and the early church,
in art and music and popular culture,
in theology and hymns and devotion
and how we do church now.
We'll use Zoom, of course.
And we'll meet on Thursday evenings at 19.30.
For an hour or so.
With input from me - and some from guests.
And the chance to talk together.
Click here when the time comes.
We'll begin on Thursday 18 February.
Drop by any Thursday, from then on.

PS If none of this works for you - or you just want more -
you could try the excellent Pray As You Go:
a daily resource for phone or laptop
to help you pray, when and where you want.