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Church Council

The church council is responsible for the mission and management of the church. 

The council meets six times a year. Members of the council are voted on by the congregation to act of their behalf, with the Chaplain taking the chair at meetings.

Working for you on your Council are

Nick Howe (Chaplain)

Ex Officio:
Pamela Henderson (Reader)


Tim Chamberlain
Lucas Svärd

Deanery Synod Representatives:
Lotta Altner
Emma Buncic
Celicia Svärd
Charles Thangaraj

Ordinary Council Members:
Anders Karlsson (Treasurer)
Phillida Parfitt
Brian Kuns
Kenny Ingraham
Ruth Tatlow
Alexandra Christenson

Stefan Karlsson
Matthew Fielding

The agenda for each meeting is available on the notice board in church before the meeting takes place, and the minutes are posted there afterwards.