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Revd Nicholas Howe

Nick has been Chaplain here since 2006. He helps set the church's direction and vision and shares in the work of caring for people in the church and in the wider English-speaking community.

He is married to Claire and they have two boys, William (22) and Michael (19).

Before coming to Stockholm Nick was a Canon of Sheffield Cathedral and Director of Ordinands, and before that he worked in a city centre parish in Leeds.

He spends too much time in front of the computer, even when he's at his favourite window seat in Teaterbaren Cafe in Kulturhuset. As he often is.

Which is one of the reasons cycling is so good for him.

He is very happy to see people during the week, in town, at the church or wherever they live. Just give him a ring on 076 416 7704. Or send an email.