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This Sunday

Last Sunday in the
Season of Creation
4 October 2020

09.30-10.00: Holy Communion
A simple said service, held in the church.

Being very careful with one another, of course.
Which means:

  • not attending if we have any related symptoms
  • keeping our distance from others at all times
  • sanitising our hands on arrival
  • taking a designated place in the pews
  • receiving the bread but not the wine
  • having no refreshments afterwards

Apart from that, it will be recognisable church in familiar surroundings, using familar patterns of prayer and the gift of bread to help us grow together into the mystery of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

There will be no singing, but there will be organ music.

Doors open at 09.15.
Please arrive early.

If you feel able to be there, it will be lovely to see you IRL.

nd if you have any questions, do get in touch.

11.00-11.45: The Home Service
Celebrating our life as part and parcel of the good and God-breathed creation. Virtually.

St Francis' Day
We end the Season of Creation with a commemoration of everybody's favourite saint, renowned for his simplicity and affinity with the rest of creation.

It's easy to join in, wherever you are:

We'll post a link here. Click it and you'll find yourself among friends (and strangers) with hymns to sing and prayers and a Bible reading, a talk and a blessing for these demanding times - and with one another, of course.

And all live.

With a virtual collection to
keep our giving going at a time when our church costs remain much the same, but many of our income streams have dried up.

Swish works well: 123 494 1993.

It will be lovely to see you on the screen.
Do give it a go

21.30-21.45: Compline
A virtual service of night prayer.

The perfect way to end the day.

Click the link here.