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Plan Bee

This church is a founding partner of Stockholm Loves Pollinators which aims to focus attention on the vital role of the city's parks and green spaces in support of pollinators.

2020 Harvest Honey Sale!

Following our virtual harvest Home Service there are 12 jars of delicious churchyard honey available for sale.

The minimum price is SEK 100 but you can bid any amount above that.

8 of the jars will go to the 8 highest bids.

4 of the jars will be allocated at random among the other bidders.

All of the money will go to support the children at 3 Crowns Academy, the primary school on the outskirts of Nairobi set up by Sarah Kinuthia from this congregation.

Send your bids to chaplain@stockholmanglicans by Friday 2 October.

Thank you!

We're delighted to say that Henrik Rammer from our congregation has taken over the care of the beehive in the church garden. 

Under his management, the hive is thriving and the first 2020 honey harvests are well underway.

Henrik is looking forward to introducing us to the bees and has bought PPE to enable small groups to gain hands-on experience of beekeeping together.

We'll be inviting people to take part soon, via the Keeping in Touch weekly email.

Plan Bee began with an idea for a beehive
in the church garden...

We may not be the promised land, but we can flow with honey.
And do our bit for a threatened pollinator.
That was the thinking.

And then our good neighbour Sharon Cairns joined in.
Wife of the British Ambassador.
And suddenly, fired by her enthusiasm, Plan Bee got

On our doorstep we've got the woods and meadows and waterfront
of the Royal National City Park.
The first such park in the world.
What if we were to make the whole thing pollinator friendly?

Do a pollinator audit. Find out what's going on.
Take good practice and turn it into policy when it comes to
planting, cutting, land management - that sort of thing.

We shared the idea with a few friends
- Camilla, Göran, Jenny, Lasse and others -
and came up with this:

Our vision, as international citizens and diplomats
living and working in this
beautiful city of Stockholm,
is to start a conversation between the different
such as
  • Norrmalms Staddelsförvaltning
  • Kungliga Djurgårdsförvaltningen (KDF)
  • Kungliga Djurgårdens Interessenter
  • Bin i Stan
  • Sweden’s beekeeper federation
  • and Stockholm city
in order to encourage the development of a comprehensive
bee and pollinator strategy for Stockholm city.

And, before we knew it, lots of key people were on board.
And the city was taking an active interest.

”KDF is pleased to support this worthwhile
and far sighted bee campaign."

Gunnar Bjorkman, Chief of Parks, KDF

With guidance from Bin I Stan
and finance from generous local residents
the hive and the bees are now with us.

For all that's happened since, see here.

Now the whole city is in our sights!