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Lent 2019

Ash Wednesday
Heaven in Ordinary
Meat Fast
Mini Retreat
Virtual Contemplative Prayer Group

All sorts of ways to help us keep a holy Lent.

Ash Wednesday
Wednesday 6 March, 19.00-20.00

A solemn and joyful service, to mark the beginning of Lent
and to mark our foreheads with the dust we have in common
with each other and with our God, in Jesus Christ.

* * *

Heaven in Ordinary
Mondays in Lent, 18.00-19.30
Storkyrkan, Gamla Stan

Talking together about the spirituality of everyday things
in the light of the Bible and the way we live our lives today.

Together with clergy from the Cathedral.
Part of the Cathedral Academy programme.

Just drop by. Coffee provided.

11 March - Wilderness
18 March - Road
25 March - City
1 April - Room
8 April - Garden

* * *

Meat Fast
For body and soul and planet

Cutting down on the meat and dairy we eat.
With weekly recipes to help us enjoy our meals.

A vegan diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth.” Joseph Poore, University of Oxford, UK

For the good of the planet and for the good of our bodies, many of us could do with cutting down the amount of meat we eat.

And giving up meat has been a traditional disciplne in the season of Lent.
It is an offering we can make, for the greater good, and so to the glory of God.

Last year in Lent we cut back on our use of plastics.
This year the challenge is to cut back on our use of meat and dairy in our diet.

You choose how you'll do this:
  • You could cut out meat and dairy entirely.
  • Or simply cut back your consumption of meat.
You choose what's going to be workable and meaningful for you.

And each week in Lent we'll publish tasty vegan recipes on the website.

You can read more about the reasons why we need to cut back meat consumption here.
And you'll find a recent study on the benefits in the Lancet medical journal here.

* * *

Mini Retreat
Sunday 7 April, 13.30-15.30

Join people from the Virtual Contemplative Prayer Group
as we gather for quiet guided prayer and breathing space
in and around the church.

* * *

Still with God
Virtual Contemplative Prayer Group

Gathering together during the week can be really difficult.
Life just isn't that shape for most of us.

But this Lent we can once again enjoy the benefits of praying together even when we're not in the same place, with our Virtual Contemplative Prayer Group.

Contemplative prayer
is mindfulness in prayer form: simple, wordless prayer that has been used by Christians down the centuries to practise the presence of God and develop spiritual attentiveness.

It is a response to an invitation:
'Be still and know that I am God'. Psalm 46.10

Prayer is hardly ever easy; but it's easier when we know that others are doing it with us.

Whether this is something you've tried before or not, you are very welcome to sign up and give it a go. You'll be in good company.

More details of all these activities coming soon...