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Who can get married at St Peter and St Sigfrid's?
If you are looking to be married here the following conditions must be met:
  • All Swedish legal and church requirements will need to be fulfilled.
  • You must be of an age to marry by law.

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Can you get married at St Peter and St Sigfrid's if you are divorced?

Usually the answer is Yes! Please contact the Chaplain (076 416 7704) to discuss this further. He will want to talk about your past and your hopes for the future.

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How do we apply to be married at St Peter and St Sigfrid's?

A phone call or email to the Chaplain begins the conversation – or come by the church on a Sunday morning and talk with the Chaplain there (it can be good to see the church being used for a service before you make up your mind).

You can make a provisional booking using the form that will be sent to you and this will then be confirmed.

The date and time of the wedding should be agreed in writing with the Chaplain before other arrangements are made.

You will then arrange to meet with the Chaplain, apply for the bishop’s permission (if needed), and obtain any certificates and documentation in good time.  Foreign nationals may need to obtain papers from their home country.

Nearer the date we can discuss the details of the Wedding Service itself.

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How do we plan the service?

You will meet with the Chaplain to plan the service. 

This church is part of the Church of England and uses the ceremonies of that Church. 

But there is a lot of scope for including your favourite hymns, music, prayers and readings - perhaps having a friend sing a song or play an instrument. 

You can discuss all this with the Chaplain, who will guide you through the planning of the Service.

Where one of you comes from a non-English speaking country we would encourage you to include some use of the other language - especially if it is Swedish!

If you are looking to use the Church of Sweden ceremony you will need to discuss the service with the Swedish priest.

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How long does an average marriage service take?

About 40 minutes. But there is never any hurry. We always make sure that we build in plenty of time before and after the ceremony, so that nobody is ever rushed.

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Do we rehearse the wedding service?
Yes, usually a couple of days beforehand. Ideally, we will need all those who will have a part to play in the service there, although this is not always possible.
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Can we have flowers in the church?

Yes.  At most times of the year there will be small floral arrangements in church already, but you are welcome to provide your own.

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Can we invite other clergy to assist the Chaplain?

If you would like to invite another priest or minister to take part in the service the Chaplain is usually more than happy to invite him or her to assist in the service.

If you are wanting a Church of Sweden service you will need to arrange for a minister to take this for you, or we can help you with this.

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Can guests take photos at the service?
Yes, but discretion is asked for. Couples have been bothered in the past by a lot of flashes going off during the service. It is better if the congregation takes pictures at the end and a professional photographer takes photographs during the service after having consulted the Chaplain beforehand on the day. Any videoing must also be very discreet or else the proper focus of the wedding is lost!
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Can we throw confetti after the service?
Yes - aAs long as it is biodegradeable!
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How much does it all cost?

The Chaplain will discuss the relevant fees with you as you plan the service together.

We receive no financial support through taxation or the wider church and depend largely upon donations.  

We intend to keep the cost of the Service realistic and it usually works out as being a small proportion of the overall cost of the wedding.

Currently the cost of a wedding is between 5000 and 9000 SEK, depending on whether you use our priest and organist for the Service and the preparation leading up to it.

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Where do we meet the Chaplain?

Most meetings with couples take place by appointment at the church or at the Chaplain's home address or the couple's home, but it is often possible to meet elsewhere by arrangement.

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