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Introduction to Still Life

September 9, 2018

A drawing and watercolour lesson
Elspeth Rose Cornish Andersson


Elspeth Rose Cornish Andersson would like to take this opportunity to share her passion for painting with her new congregation and invites you to join her after the service on Sunday 9th September when she will share her knowledge in a class on the art of the 'Still Life'. 

You'll get to draw and paint and learn.

Elspeth was trained at University of the Arts London in Design and has inherited her art skills from her mother, Helen Eltis CCA

Having moved to Stockholm almost 2 years ago Elspeth is keen to start an art group and hopes that some of the congregation will join her for this first art session for adults in the hall alonside the church.

Please sign up on the church noticeboard as places will be limited.

Or email Nick Howe the Chaplain.

And please bring sandwiches with you.

There will be a small charge of 50 kr to cover materials.

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