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Free Stockholm

Weekday visits to free galleries and museums in the city

Once a month we'll be visiting galleries and museums around town, on the days when they are free.

We'll take in an exhibition together - and maybe a cup of tea.

Just turn up there (on time!), and meet Nick the Chaplain in the lobby, and off we go!

And there'll be optional questions and instructions to help us work out what we think and feel about what we see, like:

  • Imagine this piece of art/object as a postcard. Who would you send it to and what would you write on it?
  • Choose a piece of art/object. Explain (briefly) to God why humans make things like this.
  • Find a piece of art/object that seems joyful. Stand near it for longer than usual.
  • Choose a new title for a piece of art/object. Does that change its meaning?

If the visiting hours stay the same as they are now, our programme will be:

Moderna Museet
Friday 1 September, 18.00, Skeppsholmen

Bonniers Konsthall
Friday 20 October, 14.00, Torsgatan 19

Monday 13 November, 14.00, Djurgårdsvägen 60

The Royal Armoury
Thursday 7 December, 14.00, Slottsbacken