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7 Minutes With...

Occasional Sundays, 12.23-12.30

Quick-fire interviews with mystery members of the congregation.

Who they are, what they do, and a little of what makes them tick...

Get a coffee, take a seat, and find out.

Next: 20 October

Previous interviewees have included:

Will Mallender
Sarah Thomsen
Pia-Kristina Svenhard
Imad Abbawi
Alannah Robins
Pamela Henderson
Sarah Kinuthia
Don Baldwin
Iris Bearhope Orton
Scott Russell
Charles Thangaraj
Vania Ceccato
Christine Mollvik
Meena Daivadanam
Mike Hezel
Tom Howland
Tom Heberlein
Nick Howe
Erica Ohene-Bekoe
Stefan Karlsson
Noel Fellowes
Tola Osho
Sarah Nsubuga

Rachel Baldwin
Paul Mokgethi-Heath
Jess Elevant
Aidan Liddle